by David Marlett (feature film and stage play)

A cornerstone production for BlueRun Media and David Marlett, BLUE HIGHWAY is written and designed as both an independent feature film and as a dual media, three act play.

After two strangers pass each other on a lonely highway, they're each pulled over and taken to an isolated police station where they're interrogated about a murder that maybe one or both of them committed. This immersive, surreal journey into the realms of forgiveness, despair, guilt and love is an experience that will take hold of you...and never let go.

BLUE HIGHWAY is an intimate, powerful story well-suited for film or stage. It is written and will be directed by David Marlett, and will be produced by Richard Middleton (The ArtistHitchcock) and Marlett. In 2013 a stage reading of Blue Highway was performed in New York at Telsey + Company. with Broadway actors, to great success. See press and other information below.


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