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STORY MEDIUMS: Novels, Screenplays, Nonfiction, Plays, Film Directing, Periodicals, Live Performance, Virtual Reality

David Marlett is an award-winning, bestselling author, screenwriter, film/theater director, story and copy editor, and a professor/consultant/coach for storytelling across all mediums through his company, BlueRun Media. He has spoken at over sixty conferences, workshops, and universities in the United States and China during the past seven years, speaking on story, writing, new media, and film finance.  

In addition, he is a regular participant and winning storyteller at NPR's THE MOTH - The Art and Craft of Storytelling events in Los Angeles, including Grand Slam events.


David's historical trial novel FORTUNATE SON rose to #2 in all "Historical Fiction" and #3 in all "Literature and Fiction” on Amazon in 2014, and continues to receive strong reviews. (See reviews here.) He is currently finishing his second historical trial novel, AMERICAN RED, to be published in early 2018.

In addition, he has been published in a number of periodicals and is a freelance editor of both individual screenplays and manuscripts, as well as for major national magazines.

Through his production company, BlueRun Media, David has worked over two decades in Los Angeles, primarily writing and consulting for film and premium series productions, and consulting companies regarding better communicating their stories. He has sold/optioned many scripts and worked with a number of award-winning producers and actors. He has been a story fixer/designer/consultant on projects for Lionsgate, Sony, and Dreamworks, including a remake of The Hindenburg. In 2015, David wrote and directed MansLaughter, the world’s first virtual reality feature film. He is currently writing/developing several traditional film, premium series, and theatrical projects, including Riding Home, The 15 Letters Man, and Blue Highway which is being produced for stage and screen by Emmy-winning producer, Richard Middleton (The ArtistHitchcock).

David speaks/consults regularly on story, directing, and acting for stage, screen, and virtual reality mediums. He has been an adjunct professor and guest lecturer at The University of Texas, the Walter Isaacson School for New Media (Aspen), and USC's School of Cinematic Arts, with emphasis in creative writing, film aesthetics, and new media storytelling.

As a non-practicing attorney/CPA, David consults individuals and companies regarding project financing, media acquisitions, copyright claims, contract negotiations, and talent agreements.

David has degrees in economics, accounting, and finance; his law degree from The University of Texas School of Law; and has pursed a PhD in The Diegesis of Immersive Storytelling at The University of Texas. He lives in Los Angeles.

For more: David Marlett on IMDB and @David_Marlett

Scroll down for more info on his work in virtual reality (VR) and two of his projects MansLaughter and Of Kings & Cowboys.

In addition, he is a professional photoartist. Click here or the image here to see his work.

Virtual Reality and MansLaughter

In 2015, through his virtual reality production company, CINEMERSIA, David wrote, produced, and directed MansLaughter – An Experiment in Theatrical VRthe world's first live-action VR feature film (under the AMPAS definition). In the creation of MansLaughter, David worked closely with Samsung VR in the the development of a unique quadraphonic soundscape for a 360˚ virtual environment. Subsequently, David designed and taught Cinematic VR studies at the Walter Isaacson School for New Media, and led the world's first Cinematic VR Writing and Directing Workshop.

He is an ongoing consultant to Final Draft in their creation of what he has termed a "sphereplay", a screenplay for spherical storytelling. In that work, he and Final Draft are establishing a lexicon for blocking within that 360˚ sphere. See VR Sphereplay Template.

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Of Kings & Cowboys

For several years David Marlett has been developing his feature film script Of Kings & Cowboys -- what will be the first feature film focusing on the players in the world's oldest deadly sport: professional polo.

This project has spanned many years, with an early version sold to Argentine producers, then back into turnaround it was financed in 2008, but the Great Recession collapsed it in 2009. It is a labor of love, and hopefully will find its way to production in coming years.

In the 2008 pre-production, David designed and directed a short film for use in the financing effort for the feature. That short can be seen below. (Though the short has telenovela aesthetics for appeal to certain financiers, the film will not be in that style).

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