by David Marlett (designed as film, but could be premium series.)



Written by ex-polo player, David Marlett, and garnering the support of the polo community, Of Kings & Cowboys was promoted and partial international financing was raised during 2008 and 2009. Though the economic collapse ended that round, it is prime for restarting now with even better results likely. 

It is additionally designed for the participation of fellow Texan and polo-player, Tommy Lee Jones, but no commitments were made to that end at the time.


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Enter the deadly world of the sport of kings. For the first time, this extraordinary, adrenalin-pumping sport comes alive through the story of the West Texas rodeo champion who took the international polo world by storm. This is a powerful story of the players, the horses, and the relationships that grow, are tested, and sometimes are destroyed...on and off the field.


The below short film was made in 2009 to support the financing campaign. It depicts a feel for the story, but is not representative of the film itself as envisioned by the writer/director David Marlett. Its primary purpose was to share with potential investors in other countries a sense for the film; and thus it was created with that audience in mind.